Australia's leading multi-carrier shipping

Our multi-carrier shipping technology helps you ship smarter, optimise your fulfilment and share better 
post-purchase experiences, so you can focus on 
what you do best.

Get insights into how Shippit can help streamline your shipping and fulfilment.

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Shippit is an Australian-based company that connects retailers to logistics and courier services both locally within the country, and internationally to New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States.

Spend less time worrying about carriers

Effortlessly integrate with leading carriers, eliminating manual hassle. Access multiple carriers, generate labels, manifest shipments, and book orders with one account. Choose exclusive rates or connect pre-negotiated carrier accounts using our advanced technology.

Safeguard against disruption and delays

When things don't go to plan, our multi-carrier platform makes it easy to access additional carriers and delivery services.

Easily integrate sales orders and automate your fulfilment processes. Dispatch orders in one click with simple label and manifest workflows.

Reduction in time spent fulfilling orders

Delivery experiences that help you sell more

Ship straight away with On Demand, Same Day, Standard, Express, and International couriers. Offer Live and flat Rates on checkout. 

See how Shippit's leading technology can supercharge your fulfilment and delivery workflows.

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All shapes, all sizes. If you’re a retailer, you’ll ship better with us.

Ship straight away with On demand, Same Day, Standard Express and International couriers and give your customers more delivery options at checkout.

Increase in shopping cart conversion rate

Australia's leading 
multi-carrier shipping

Reduction in shipping costs

Get access to discounted rates without a minimum spend. Instantly allocate the fastest or most cost effective carrier. Automatically upgrade or downgrade feature for standard/express

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Easy to set up, 
easy all-round 

Experience seamless order management from order placed to delivery booked, as we assist you in syncing, managing, and booking orders. Say goodbye to manual processes, thanks to our ready-to-go integrations with top eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Say goodbye to manual fulfilment 

Empower your shipping process by automating manual, time-consuming, and complex courier decisions, ensuring consistent, fast, and error-free shipping. Accelerate order fulfillment with our one-click printing, picklists, and pack slips, enabling your teams to efficiently meet customer demands.